Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)

A heat recovery ventilation unit with a counterflow heat exchanger, made up of a Fixed plate with Microporus permeable membrane provides a clean, fresh environment in your home. It delivers fresh filtered air from outside the building to the living areas and bedrooms and extracts stale air from the respective area. With a counter-flow heat exchanger, a heat recovery ventilation unit (Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger) recovers up to 75% of the heat from the exhaust air and transfers it to the incoming air. With a heat recovery ventilation unit, you can maintain high air quality without excessive additional energy costs.

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems can help keep structures at a consistent temperature efficiently and cost-effectively. In practice, this may help reduce your energy bill by up to 25% TO 30% every year – a considerable saving over time that makes MVHR technology an excellent long-term investment.