Guidelines For Running Of Air Circulation, Air-Cooling And Air Conditioning Equipment’s During COVID -19

Corona Infection through airflow has become an issue, summer has started and monsoon season will begin soon. The thermal discomfort will therefore be maximum now onwards due to seasonal changes and there can be a possibility of its spread through air flow. Therefore, maximum caution should be taken to minimize the chances of spread of corona virus through air flow in enclosed spaces like residences, offices, meeting places, assembly places etc. Below are some of the principles to be followed while using the air cooling and conditioning devices.

General Guiding Principles

  • Temperature – The temperature setting of all air conditioning devices should be in the range of 24 to 30 deg C
  • Relative humidity – should be in the range of 40 to 70%
  • Intake of fresh air – should be as much as possible
  • Recirculation of air – should be avoided to the extent possible
  • Cross Ventilation – should be adequate
  • Replacement of air by using the facility of exhaust fans in the nearby area
  • Air Sanitization – should be very frequent by regular cleaning and sanitization of filters of indoor units
  • Observing Social Distancing, wearing of mask, avoiding direct contact of air flow, frequent surface decontamination are to be followed compulsorily

A proper mix of the above principles should be followed depending upon the places and options available.